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What is the most recent natural disaster in Spain?

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Hurricanes in the Canary Islands.

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What is Australia's recent natural disaster?

As of October 2009, Australia's most recent natural disaster is the massive bushfires in the Rockhampton region.

What natural disaster is the worst natural disaster?

cyclones are the most worst natural disaster

What is Georgia's most recent natural disaster?

Tornado of 1711, or Flood of 1245, or The End of World of 2012

What is the most natural dangerous disaster?

== == anything with anough force is a natural disaster!

What is one of the most serious natural disasters that happened in Australia?

The worst natural disaster to have ever happened in Australia was the recent "Black Saturday" bushfires in Victoria. The death toll of 210 has exceeded all previous natural disaster death tolls.

What is the most common natural disaster other than fire?

Floods are the most common natural disaster after fire.

What is Japans most common natural disaster?

the most common disaster is earthquakes

What happens during a natural disaster?

It depends what natural disaster your referring to. However, in all natural disasters, most objects will get damaged.

What natural disaster occur in Florida?

The most common natural disaster to occur in Florida would be a hurricane or flooding

What is the second most dangerous natural disaster?

the Hurricane is most dangerous natural disater!

What is Tokyo's most frequent disaster?

Earthquakes are th most common natural disaster to to hit Japan.

Is a meteorite crash considered a natural disaster?

Yes, a meteor impact is a natural disaster, potentially the most destructive type.

Are tornadoes the most popular natural disaster in Texas?

I would hardly call any sort of natural disaster popular. Tornadoes are one of the most frequent natural disasters to occur there.

What are the most common natural disasters in the US?

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States.

What places have the most natural disasters?

It really depends on what natural disasters you mean. Like tornadoes are probably the most seen natural disaster in Tornado Alley (or whatever it's called) and hurricanes are probably the most seen natural disaster in Hawaii or the Caribbeans.

Who knows when a natural disaster is going to hit?

Most weather forecasters and similar professions study the weather and can figure out if or when a natural disaster is about to occur.

What are the most common natural disasters in the Midwest region of the US?

Tornadoes are the most common natural disaster in the Midwest.

What natural disaster took the most lives?

Your mom farting in your face. That's a big time disaster.

Has the Bahamas ever had an natural disaster?

The most common disaster in Bahamas by far are hurricanes, which are relatively common.

What is the most famous natural disaster?

the most famous disater is the earthquake in chile.

What are common natural disasters that affect japan?

I think earthquake is the most common natural disaster.

Which natural disaster is the most violent?

hurricanes and tornadoes Asteroid impact.

What is the most deadliest natural disaster?

A cyclone No. It's failure of the sun

What was the worlds biggest natural disaster?

Mount Vesuvius was the most biggest disaster in the world which destroyed the whole of Pompeii and the people.

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