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the object is on uniform motion

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Q: What is the motion of an object said to be if its velocity is constant?
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What is Motion without acceleration?

Such and object is said to be in equilibrium. No acceleration and no force.

When is an object said to have uniform velocity?

It isn't. Constant velocity? Uniform velocity across a group of objects?

When an object does circular motion what is constant?

speed... this is said to be uniform circular motion

What is an object that moves with constant position?

An object that moves with constant position will have constant velocity or acceleration. This is said to be moving in positive direction and maintains the position.

What is unifom velocity?

when a body travels unequal displacement in equal interval of time or visa-versa, it is said to have non-uniform velocity

What is the property of an object that travels the same distance each second?

Such an object is said to travel at a constant speed. If it doesn't change direction, it is also said to travel at constant velocity.

Uniform motion in a straight line?

An object is said to be in uniform motion if it moves in a straight line at constant speed.

What can be said of an object whose mass stays constant but its momentum is changing?


When an object moves at a constant speed in a circular path it is said to be in what motion?


Why does the y-value of the velocity vs. time graph stay constant?

You're looking at one specific velocity/time graph that we can't see. From your description, we can tell that the object whose motion is described by that graph is moving at a constant rate of speed ... which is exactly what you just said while looking at the graph.

What is the definition for uniform motion in algebra?

An object is said to be in uniform motion when it goes in a constant straight line. Motion is the part of the mechanics branch of physics.

What is streamline motion and turbulent motion?

the flow of liquid throw a pipe line is said to be stream line if at any given point , the velocity of the particles is constant.