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Salt Lake Community College's motto is 'Step Ahead'.

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Q: What is the motto of Salt Lake Community College?
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When was Salt Lake Community College created?

Salt Lake Community College was created in 1948.

Is salt lake bible college Mormon?

No. Salt Lake Bible College and Salt Lake Baptist College are both operated by Bible Baptist Church in Taylorsville, Utah. Salt Lake Bible College offers an entirely free and online course of study, while Salt Lake Baptist College requires classroom attendance. They are great programs, I have participted in them myself.

Are there any aviation maintenance schools in the Salt Lake City area?

You can take classes in aviation maintenance at Salt Lake Community College. Learn more by visiting

How many bars are there in Salt Lake City?

There are several bars in the Salt Lake City community.

What is the motto of Saint Michael College of Caraga?

The motto of Saint Michael College of Caraga is 'Light of the World, Salt of the Earth'.

What date does spring semester start for salt lake community college?

spring semester at SLCC starts January 10, 2011

Is salt lake bible college and salt lake university the same?

No. There is no such thing as Salt Lake University. There is a Salt Lake University Institute of Religion, which offers free religion classes near the University of Utah. It is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are no online courses offered, while registration and courses are free, they are based on classroom attendance. Salt Lake Bible College and Salt Lake Baptist College are operated by the same people, but vary in their degree programs and enrollment. Salt Lake Bible College is a free online Bible College, while Salt Lake Baptist College requires classroom attendance. Both schools are located inside Bible Baptist Church at the corner of 45000 South and Bangerter Highway in Taylorsville, Utah. You can go to the homepages for each of these religious schools at the "Related Links" below.

Where is the cheapest college in Utah?

The best value for college in Utah is at Salt Lake Community College. You can have a very nice education, most of the instructors are fantastic and willing to meet with you one on one, and it is extremely cheap compared to the Universities.

Is there a map of the utah community colleges campus I can down load concerning parking and building locations?

There is no college called Utah Community College in South Jordan. However, if you are referring to either the Salt Lake Community College in Jordan or the University of Utah, then if you go to their school's respective websites, they have links that will provide you with a PDF map of the campus (including buildings and parking) that you can download.

Is there a picture of the building of salt lake bible college?

sorry i dont no

Is Salt Lake Bible College offer degree recognised in academic level and are their credits transferral?

Yes, Salt Lake Bible College does offer degrees recognized in academic levels and in some cases, the credits are transferable. The college is fully accredited.

Why is Salt Lake City called salt lake?

Salt lake city is called salt lake because it is near the Great Salt Lake filled with tons of salt. I know...I've been in it!

What is Morton Salt's motto?

Morton Salt's motto is 'When it rains, it pours.'.

What is a large lake in Salt Lake City?

The Great Salt Lake is near Salt Lake City.

Where is a college in Utah?

The major colleges and universities in Utah include:The University of Utah (in Salt Lake City)Utah State University (in Logan)Utah Valley University (in Orem)Dixie State University (in St. George)Southern Utah University (in Cedar City)Brigham Young University (in Provo)Weber State University (in Ogden)Salt Lake Community College (campuses in Sandy, Taylorsville, Murray, and Salt Lake)College of Eastern Utah (in Price)Snow College (in Manti/Ephraim)

Is Barium Dichloride a salt?

Yes, Im taking chemistry at the community college. Barium dichloride is an anhydrous salt.

Where can I find certified nursing assistant classes in Provo, UT?

Here's the CNA page for Salt Lake Community College's Provo branch:

Is Great Salt Lake a lake?

Yes, the Great Salt Lake is a lake.

Is the Great Salt Lake the only Great Salt Lake in the world?

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the only lake with the name "Great Salt Lake" but it is not the only saltwater lake in the world.

What is the motto of Tata Salt?

Tata Salt's motto is 'Desh ka Namak'.

What is the lake that has salt?

The Great Salt Lake

Is Lake Urmia a salt lake?

Lake Urmia is a salt lake in northwestern Iran.

Which lake is larger Lake Mead or Great Salt Lake?

The Great Salt Lake.

What happened to mike mckay and erika edberg of ktvx salt lake city?

Erika Edberg is no longer with KTVX in Salt Lake City but she and her husband are still Salt Lake City residents. She is involved in various community service organizations and charities. Don't be surprised to see her in another market soon!

Is Salt Lake city the largest city on the great salt lake?

Yes. However, Salt Lake City is a few miles from the lake.