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Q: What is the movement of deep cold and nutrient rich water to the surface?
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When vaporization happens on and below the surface of a liquid?

Boiling takes place and it leads to the movement of hot water upwards and the movement of cold water downwards.

What is upwelling?

the movement of deep, cold, nutrient-rich water goes up to the surface. Up-welling can be rising of any liquid. water moving up from the benthic zone

Why is cold ocean water murky while tropical water is clear?

Tropical waters are nutrient poor at the surface. When living things die at the surface they sink to the bottom where they decompose. The nutrients that are released when they decompose stay at the bottom because there's a thermocline--the deep water is cold and the surface water is warm and they don't mix. So the surface waters don't have much algae and stay clearer.

How often does upwelling occur?

When cool nutrient rich water is driven to the surface by wind, replacing warmer and nutrient depleted water, this is known as upwelling. This stimulates the synthesis of organic compounds and helps fishing productivity.

What causes cold nutrient-rich water to move up to the ocean's surface?

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An ocean current is the movement of the surface water of the coean Currents are called cold or warm in comparison to the atmosphere Is the Gulf Stream a cold current or a warm one?


What are density currents?

A density current is where a warm current floats on top of a cold currentA density current is where a warm current floats on top of a cold currentThe movement of a mass of cold, dense ocean water as it sinks beneath warmer surface water.

Formed as a liquid when steam meets a cold surface?

Water is formed as a liquid when steam meets a cold surface.

What current brings cold water to the ocean surface?

An upwelling is a current in the ocean that brings deep, cold water to the ocean surface.

What happen when we boil water and expose the steam to a cold surface?

When we boil water and expose the steam (water vapor) to a cold surface, it will condense into tiny drops of water on the cold surface. If you can see the 'steam'rising above the water, it has already condensed into tiny droplets of water in the cool air.

How can the movement of molecules help explain why hot water evaporates faster?

If the water is cold, that means that water molecules have small speed, in hot water, molecules have greater speed, thus greater energy, and need less energy than cold water to be kicked out through the surface.

What is the upward movement of cold water from the oceans depths called?

It is called "upwelling" and occurs due to wind-induced surface motion, and often the Coriolis effect.