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There was no Karate Kid film in 1993.

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Q: What is the movie The Karate Kid rated 1993?
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What is this karate movie?

karate kid (AWESOME MOVIE!)

When does the movie karate kid come out?

The movie Karate Kid comes out on June 11, 2010.

What was that one karate movie?

The Karate Kid

What year did karate kid debut?

The movie Karate Kid came out in 1984.

Was Karate Kid a good movie?

Karate kid is a great movie of kids to watch. It's full of action.

What is Karate kid rated?

its PG

Movie beginning with letter k?

Karate Kid Karate Kid II Kangaroo Jack

Has there ever been a girl Karate Kid?

Yes. The karate kid is a girl in the 2nd movie (at least I think it's the 2nd) The Next Karate Kid.

What instrument does the girl in karate kid play on the movie?

In Karate Kid 2010, Meiying plays the violin.

Does jaden smith like the girl in the karate kid?

no he doesn't. he had to act for the movie "Karate Kid".

Was Jackie Chan in the movie Karate Kid?

Jackie Chan was in the 2010 remake of Karate Kid with Jaden Smith

Where can you watch free movie of The Karate Kid?

Below is a link to where you can watch the Karate Kid 2010 online for free.

What rating is the karate kid 2010?

its rated g

Was he in one the karate kid movie?


How much of the karate does Jaden Smith really do in the movie Karate Kid?

He is in the entire movie. he is the MAIN character

Was karate kid rated the worst movie?

No, there are far worse films than this one. User ratings for the IMDb website are 7.2 out of 10.

What is the real name of liang in the karate kid movie?

Shijia Lü plays Liang in 2010's The Karate Kid.

Did jaden smith really perform the fight scenes in karate kid?

yes he does some fighting in the movie Karate kid

Who is the karate kid in karate kid part 2?

Ralph Macchio plays Daniel Larusso in both Karate Kid and Karate Kid 2. The first movie is set in Long Beach. The second is set in Okinawa, Japan.

Are they making a new Karate Kid 2 movie?

For the moment it looks like they are going to be making a karate kid 2 movie on 2013 but no-one knows for sure

Is their a book that tells you What is the lyrics for the movie The Karate Kid e movie The Karate Kid?

As far as I know, Karate Kid- including the Adventure comics character, has nothing in the nature of a musical score. The only song I am aware of with a martial arts orientation was (Kung Fu Fighting) and that was not used, to my knowledge, in a movie.

Did Will Smith pay for the movie Karate Kid?


When was the movie the Karate Kid published?

june 22, 1984

Is karate kid the best movie ever?


Is karate kid a epic movie?

not really