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Puppis--The Stern: It's the back part of the ship of the argonauts, the Argos. It was once part of a larger constellation called the "Argo Navis", now it's broken into four: Puppis--The Stern Vela--The Sails Carina--The Keel Pyxis--The Compass

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Q: What is the mythology of the constellation puppis?
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What is the nickname for the constellation PUPPIS?


What is the nickname for puppis the constellation?


What is the nickname of puppis the constellation?


The Brightest star in the constellation puppis?

Zeta Puppis, with an apparent magnitude of 2.25 is the brightest.

How many stars are in the constellation puppis?

2 main stars

What is the history of the constellation vela?

Vela in Latin means "sails" as in the sails of a ship. The constellation Vela was once included in the constellation Argo Navis which is Latin for "the ship Argo" or the ship used by Jason and the Argonauts in Greek mythology. The constellation Argo Navis (so named by Ptolemy in the 2nd century) was considered to be too large by modern astronomers and so has been divided into three parts, Vela (the sails), Carina (the hull or keel) and Puppis (the upper deck).

Why did the constellation pyxis get its name?

Greek mythology.

In greek mythology who became the m and w constellation?

Cassiopeia is the w. She was a queen in Greek mythology.

Is Canis Major between any constellation?

Yes, Canis Major is bordered by Monoceros to the north, Puppis to the east and southeast, Columba to the southwest, andLepus to the west.

What is the constellation named after the unicorn called?

There is no constellation named after the unicorn, but there is Pegasus the flying horse from Greek mythology.

What is the mythology of the crux constellation?

There is no Greek or Roman with having to do with the Crux.

I need to know all about the constellation and greek mythology of the constellation leo. can anyone help me?

Google and Wikipedia are your friends.