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Payne, Max Landon for murder 10-Oct-2009

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Q: What is the name and the date of the last inmate executed in Alabama?
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Where was Death Row inmate Ronnie Lee Gardner executed?

he was executed last night i meant this morning a little after 12 o'clock in Utah.

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If the inmate is in a federal prison, you can go to the Bureau of Prisons web page. They have an inmate locator link, where you enter first and last name, and gender, and it gives where the person is incarcerated, their prison number, and their scheduled release date. ADDED: First answer is correct - - and many states (but perhaps not all) also have inmate locaters that operate in the same fashion. However, finding county jail inmates are more problematic. Due to the ever-changing type of their inmate population, their inmate lists are usually not computerized. In that case call or contact your local Sheriff's Office and ask how to proceed.

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