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The name Jesus in Latin is IESVS. It corresponds in pronunciation to the Greek Iesous. Both are a way to say the Hebrew name Yehshus, which has been translated in Aramaic as Yeshua and Jehoshua, said to mean "Ehyeh (Ehjeh) is salvation." Ehyeh is the name of God at the burning bush in Exodus 3:14. The meaning of Ehyeh is said to be I AM. Jesus claimed to be the I AM, therefore he claimed to be EHYEH, which in turn means God. Jesus name then in all three languages means I AM GOD. The three names of Jesus upon the Cross were: IESVS-IESOUS-YEHSHUS. Jesus is a Hebrew name in Latin letters.

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Q: What is the name for Jesus in Latin?
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How would you say Jesus in Latin?

Iesus is Latin for Jesus. Jesus is Aramaic for the Hebrew name Yeshua or Yehoshua.

What is the Latin of the name of Jesus?

Iesus or Jesus. Both are correct

What is the latin word for Joshua?

The Hebrew name Joshua, which is essentially the same name as Jesse or Jesus, was written Iosua in classical Latin.

How do you call Jesus in Latin?

Jesus is called Iesus in latin.

Where does the name Natasha?

The name Natasha is from Russia although it is Latin. Natasha means christmas or Birth of Jesus.

How do you pronounce Jesus in Latin?

In Spanish it would be hezoos so maybe similar in latin ================================================== Not quite. In Latin the name is Iesus, pronounced ee-eh-soos.

What does the name agnus mean?

It meant "lamb" in Latin, referring to the Lord's son, Jesus.

What is 'Jesus' in Latin?

Iesus is the Latin equivalent of 'Jesus'. In the classical Latin of the ancient Romans, the letter 'i' serves as either a vowel or as a consonant. As a consonant, the pronunciation is that of 'y'.

What is Jesus Christ's name in Latin?

Jesu Christe (prounounced YAY-su KREEST-ay)

How do you say Dear Jesus in Latin?

carus jesus

How do you say Jesus Christ in Latin?

Jesus Sarcalogos

How do you spell Jesus saves in latin?

Jesus Salvat

Did Jesus speak latin and greek or no?

No Jesus spoke aramaic.

Is it forbidden to christians to name their children Jesus after Jesus Christ?

Jesús is one of the most popular names in Catholic Spain and Latin America, so probably not.

What country did Romans call hispania?

Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.Hispania was the Latin name for Spain.

How do you spell Jesus in Latin?


What does the writing on top of the cross stand for?

It was common for the Roman government when performing an execution to put on the cross the person's name and their crime. For Jesus' crime, under His name (Jesus of Nazareth), they reportedly put "King of the Jews". Many crucifixes show a sign saying "INRI" above Jesus' head. That's the acronym for the Latin phrase that means "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" (the Latin word for king is rex).

What does irni on Jesus' cross mean?

i = Iesus (Latin) = Jesus (English) n = Nazareth r = rex (Latin) = king (English) i = iudaeorum (Latin) = of the Jews (English)

What is st.agnes meaning of name?

The name 'Agnes' comes from the Latin 'agnus' which means lamb. In Christianity the term "Agnus Dei' referred to Jesus as the 'Lamb of God'.

What is the meaning of INRI which is on the cross of Jesus Christ?

It means "Jesus of Nazareth; the King of the Jews."This was actually written out in Greek, Latin, & Hebrew, but artists only show the Latin inscription.

How do you write Jesus in latin?

Most likely, the Latin spelling of Jesus would be "IESUS". The New Testament (first written account of the name "Jesus") was recorded in Greek - which writes his name as "IESOUS" (of course, this is the phonetic spelling of the original Greek letters which I will not post here). Therefore, based upon my limited knowledge of Greek to Latin translation, I would say that this would be spelled Iesus in Latin.The letter "J" was probably put in place of the "I" when it was translated into German and produced by Martin Luther in 1522 AD (which was the precursor to the English translations of today's Bible).

What is the common latin name for basilisk lizard?

Basilisk is the common name. Basiliscus is the first part of the latin name for 4 species. A common name for the basiliscus vittatus is the "jesus lizard" and its also called the striped or brown basilisk. Then there are the plumed, the western or red-headed and the common basilisks.

What is Latin for 'name'?

Nomen means name in Latin

How do you say 'seize the day for Jesus' in Latin?

Jesus diem occupare

How do you say 'Jesus Christ be with you' in Latin?

Jesus Sarcalogos exsisto vobis.