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Q: What is the name microscope lens close to the object being viewed?
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What piece of science equipment allows a close up view of an object?

A microscope.

What is the function of the high power objective on a microscope?

The high power objective on a microscope increases the magnification of the specimen, which allows you to see more detail. It allows you to see a close up of only a small area of the specimen being viewed.

Why should you never rack downwards with the coarse focusing while you are looking down the microscope?

The object on the viewing stage is close to the lens of a microscope. Racking downward risks the lens touching the object and damaging either the object itself or the lens. Before moving the lens down, make sure you can see the lens and the object from the side of the microscope to void the two touching each other.

Describe compound microscope with ray diagram?

a compound microscope is the combination of two convex lenses the objective and the eyepiece. this lens with a small focal lenth this lens is placed close to the object

What characteristic should an isotope used for dating have?

It should have a half life that is close to the age of the object being dated

What kind of things is viewed with an electron microscope?

Fibers, a fly's eye, a close up of Gun shot residue (link to EDX for elemental breakdown) etc. small things!

Explain the effect on the specimen if you open or close the diaphragm under the stage of the microscope?

The diaphragm controls the amount of light going through the microscope. If you close it, less light will come through. If an object is light in color, this can help you see it better. If you open it, more light will come through. That will help with darker objects.

Do guinea pigs like being watched?

From a distance, yes they like being watched. They are animals that do not like being viewed up close, but from a distance they love it, like little animal celebrities.

What does magnification mean?

The action of magnifying. The condition of being magnified. The result of magnifying or a magnified reproduction.Zoom

What is the base of the microscope?

its the bottom of the microscope and it holds watever ur trying to look at up close!!!!

What power must be in place when you first find an image in the microscope?

You should first use the lowest power setting of a microscope to find an object and then center it within the viewing area. Then, when you switch to the next higher magnification, your target should still be close to the center and easier to find and focus on.

Is close the door a direct object?

"Close the door." is a complete sentence. The direct object is door.