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What is the name of King Tutankhamun's pyramid?


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King Tut's pyramid didn't have a name, it wasn't finished by the time he died.

King Tut's final resting place was a tomb that was suposed to be built for a noble. He didn't have a pyramid because the Egytain stopped making because people stole the gold and rich things from it. He was buried in the valley of kings.
The Eighteenth Dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun didn't have a pyramid. The age of pyramids was long past when he was buried in an underground tomb in what is known as The Valley of The Kings around 1323 BCE. For comparison, the Great Pyramid at Giza, probably the tomb of a Fourth Dynasty Pharaoh named Khufu, is thought to have been completed about 2560 BCE, over a thousand years earlier.

There were two problems with the pyramids: they required an enormous workforce to build, which had to be fed, clothed, housed and paid (they were not built by slaves); and as sanctuaries for the bodies of the Pharaohs they were complete failures, as all the pyramids were broken into and robbed, probably not long after the death of the king and possibly by some of the people who buried him, who knew where he was and how much loot had been buried with him.

This doesn't mean that Pharaohs buried in The Valley of The Kings fared much better. Most of their tombs were plundered also. The reason King Tutankhamun's tomb seems to have escaped is because there was a later tomb dug out just above it. The detritus from that tomb buried Tut's tomb to a point where the grave robbers apparently couldn't find it. In fact, there was evidence of at least one early attempt at robbing the tomb that failed to get at the really valuable stuff, after which the tomb was buried and lost for over 3000 years until Howard Carter stumbled over it in 1922.

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