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What is the name of Lucifer's daughter?

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The Bible does not state that Lucifer has any daughters, but here are some non-Biblical-head canon beliefs about the daughters of Lucifer:

There are three daughters of Lucifer, who are the most powerful demons in time. The eldest, Gemory, is the most powerful. Clea is the second eldest and thus second most powerful. And then Sarine, who was destroyed, was the youngest who had a daughter with an unknown man, her name is Lilith. She then took her mother's place after Sarine's death.

Even though it is not in the Bible, it is believed that Lilith is no blood relation to Lucifer and is not his daughter. It is also believed, but not from the Bible, that Lilith was Adam's first wife, cast out of Eden for refusing to lie beneath him and submit, since she and Adam were created from the same clay and therefore she saw them as equals. She and Lucifer consorted to produce Baphomet, an androgynous, half-man half-goat monster.

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