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"Me Estas Tentando" by Wisin y Yandel

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Q: What is the name of Manny Ramirez's walk up song?
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Who sings Christy Hemme's entrance song and what is the name of the song?

it's Lita No Lita dosent it is THE HIVES and the song is very googd for her its WALK IDIOT WALK. It's WALK IDIOT WALK by the hives.I have it on my iPod.

Who sings Christy Hemme's entrance songand what is the name of it?

The Hives Walk Idiot Walk artist^^ song name ^^

The name of the husker tunnel walk?

The Tunnel Walk. The song is 'Sirius' by the Alan Parsons Project.

What is a good walk up song?

Remember the name by: fort minor

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The name of the rap group is DJ Unk

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The song is walk that walk by dorrough. its on you tube and he has a myspace. thought the song was new but apparently it has been out for awhile and has just hit the radio. heard it on 97.9 detroit.

Is there a song call walk by slipknot?

no Walk is a song by Pantera

Whats the song name for this To the right to the right to the left to the left now walk it bye your self?

a hip hop song

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that song is called Mandy Moore - Could've Been and it is available on itunes

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The song is called "Sleep walk" by Santo & Johnny The song is called "Sleep walk" by Santo & Johnny