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An archeologist is the name of a person who looks for fossils

A paleontologist studies these fossils.

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Generally most fossils are found by the general public.However the name for someone that studies fossils and generally excavates fossils is a paleontologist.

A Paleontologist is a person who studies fossils.

A paleontolgest is a person that looks for fossils or bones or remains of animals from 65 million years ago, like dinosaurs.

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A palaeontologist studies fossils.

A person who studies rocks and fossils is called an archeologist. No, the study of fossils is called paleontology and the study of rocks is called geology, so a person studies fossils is called a paleontologist.

A person who studies dinosaurs and fossils is called a palaeontologist.

A paleontologist is the type of person who would study fossils and dinosaurs.

Fossils can tell about Earth's history by how it looks and how everything changes about it once at a time.

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Paleontologist is the name for someone who studies fossils palentology is the science

Paleontology is the study of fossils, therefore a paleontologist is a person who studies fossils.

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people looks for fossils because they want to study more about them or they want to find a story about that animals life.

It is just an expression to refer to an elderly person as a fossil. People don't actually look like a fossil...even though there are tons of fossils, it would still be hard to find one that looks like a human! A similar expression is to refer to a technically backward person as a dinosaur.

A paleantologist is one who studies dinosaur bones and other fossils.

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