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Sfogliatelle is the name of an Italian pastry. The word is a feminine gender noun that literally means 'leaves, layers'. The pastry is made with a phyllo type dough that's cut into discs. They're layered so the layers of discs look like layers of leaves. They tend to be filled with an orange flavored ricotta filling.

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Actually, no-although the person who posted "spaghetti" knew that...

Sfogliatelle- they look like seashells and have a bunch of flaky layers...they are delicious, btw.

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Q: What is the name of an Italian pastry?
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What is the name of a thin Italian pastry looks with powdered sugar on top?

A pizelle is a thin, crisp Italian pastry that is usually flavored with anise and tastes like licorice.

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Dolci is just one Italian equivalent of the word "pastry" in English.Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun used in the plural. It means "cake, dessert, pastry, sweets" in English. The pronunciation will be "DOHL-tchee" in Italian.

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zeepole is an italian pastry like desert with is extremly tasty with peanut butter

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The most famous candy is chocolate.

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There is no French pastry going by the name of pemberton.

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The word sought may be the plural noun cannolis (Italian pastry dessert).In Italian, the singular is cannolo and the plural is cannoli.

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I believe you are mis-spelling 'zeppole' - an Italian pastry, like a doughnut with cream on top.