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In the wild, an ant colony. As pets, an ant farm.


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the spiny ant-eater lives in a sandy habitat. in the land down under.

a ant is adapted to its habbatt because they work

They live in dirt and form thier ant hills to live in.

it is because it is so small which makes it adapted to its habitat.

Feed the ant sugar bread fruit vegetables and make a habitat for them!

under you so basicly anywhere

Because a dog are me food and an ant at my dog and a bird ate my ant and a whale ate my ant the end

an ant hole is an ants shelter and habitat

There is no way to tame an ant. Ants can be contained in a man made habitat called an ant farm if there is an interest in observing the behaviors of the ant colony.

An ant lives in a ground. The ant hole that is above ground divides into many chambers for the queen and her workers.

there is no specific name. just ant.

Scientific name of ant is camponotus.

the cientific name for an ant is hymenoptera

it will definitety have a scientific name

The scientific name for an ant is Formicidae. There is not a specific scientific name for the queen ant herself.

forests with lots of flowers and bee hives

Ant Mound usually, or Ant Hill

well the answer is the common name is a ant

There isn't a "chemical name of ant bite". An ant bite is an event, not a compound.

Bull ants live all over Australia.

None they live in a different habitat

The White ant is an Australian name for termite.

an ant gets it name by bein dan ant duuhh

The name of Ant-Man is Hank Pym .

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