Adolf Hitler

What is the name of hitlers political party?


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the name was populiticalmanionus

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The National Socialist, or Nazi, Party.

Hitlers political party was the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi party.

i think that Hitlers role was the leader and the speaker of the political party.

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei(National Socialist German Workers Party)Usually referred to as the "Nazi Party"

he didn't belong to a political party

Hitler served in WW1 with distinction. He served up to 1920 and became active in a political party.

It is the name of a political party in Mexico (Partido Revolucionario Institucional - Institutional Revolutionary Party).

The National Socialist German Workers Party.

Stalin's political party was initially the Bolshevik Party. In March 1918, it changed its name to the Communist Party.

the Socialist Democratic Party

the major function of a political party is to nominate-name-candidates for public office.

There are several names for political parties. The Tea Party, The Whig Party, Democrats, Republicans, and the Independent Party.

democratic party republican party independant party vacant party

Democratic party and Republican party

the Socialist Democratic Party

name German member of Adolph Hittlers political party

Nazi Party is the real name of the Hitler's political party. EDIT OF ANSWER: Hitler's political party really was called the Nazi Party, but its official name is NSDAP: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, National Socialist German Worker's Party.

There is no registered political party by the name of Independent Party. It is not a permissible name for a Canadian political party.The Elections Canada website states: "The name, short-form name, abbreviation or logo of the political party applying for registration must not so resemble the name, short-form name, abbreviation or logo of another party as to be confused with it. The name must not include the word "independent" or any word likely to be confused with it."

The New Democratic Party of Manitoba.

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