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i dont have any friend you know the answer

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Q: What is the name of nagaland's dress?
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What is the birth name of Michael Dress?

Michael Dress's birth name is Michael Johann Dress.

What is the Irish name for a dress?

dress = gúna

What is another name for a flared dress?

A-line dress

What is the name of the Korean traditional costume dress?

The name of korean's traditional costume dress is 'Hanbok.'

What is the name of a dress that wear on the moon?

Ninth Moon Dress

What is the name of male and female dress of koch rajbongshi community?

The name of the male dress of koch rajbongshi people is 'ANGSA' and the female dress is 'patani'

What is the name of Korean costume dress?

의상 드레스 = costume dress

What is a dress name?


What is the Name of the dress that gets longer from left to right?

That would be an asymmetrical dress.

What is name of the traditional spanish head dress for ladies?


Name of Scarlett O'Hara's dress?

There were three, actually: The Barbecue Gown, The Inappropriate Red Dress, and the Green Drapery Dress.

What is the name of the dress of uttaranchal?