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No. His first story was published in the Saturday evening post August 1942 - the story was called "shot down over lybia". His first book was The Gremlins published in 1943 , James and the Giant Peach was published in 1966

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Roald Dahl's first book was "The Gremlins," published in 1943. It was a children's book inspired by Dahl's own experiences as a Royal Air Force pilot during World War II.

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Q: What is the name of roald Dahl first book out of James and the gaint peach and Matilda and the BFG?
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Which book was written first James and the Giant Peach Matilda the bfg?

James and the Giant Peach was published in 1961, The BFG in 1982, and Matilda in 1988.I verified this answer on Mr. Dahl's Fantastic Fiction fan page bibliography. (see link)Find your local Library at the attached link.

What are the titles to some of the roald dale?

The witches, James and the giant peach, the twits and Matilda

What were Dahls 3 most popular books?

charlie and the chocolate factory,James and the giant peach and Matilda.

What are the last 10 books by Roald Dahl?

matilda whitches james and the giant peach twits mr fox

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What are roald dahls 5 best selling books?

Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryJames and the Giant PeachThe Fantastic Mr. FoxThe Witchesthe BFG

Is the setting in England for James and the Giant Peach?

England at first, then the peach, then New York City.

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James risked his life for the centipede because the centipede was his friend and had been supportive and protective of James throughout their journey. James felt grateful for the centipede's friendship and wanted to show his loyalty by saving him from danger.

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James and the Giant Peach , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Fantastic Mr. Fox , Matilda , The Witches and The BFG .

What books did Roland Dahl write?

Roald Dahl wrote many popular children's books, including "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," "Matilda," "James and the Giant Peach," and "The BFG." His books are known for their imaginative storytelling and whimsical characters.

What are the titles of some Roald Dahl books?

Matilda The Twits Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Glass Elevator The Witches James and the Giant Peach Danny the Champion of the World Skin Songs and Verse George's Marvellous Medicine The BFG The Gremlins and MANY,MANY,MORE!!!!!!