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The Great Escape

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Staffel means squadron.

prisoner of the heart = Gefangener des Herzens (male) prisoner of the heart = Gefangene des Herzens (female)

POW is an abbreviation of Prisoner Of War

Schutzstaffel (abbreviated to SS, which translates to Protective Squadron), they were Hitler's praetorian guards (special guards).

it was where they kept the prisoner s and made them work and was basically like a jail

Number 617 Squadron RAF became commonly known as the Dambusters. This is due to their actions during Operation Chastise against German dams during World War II.

The cast of Decimation - 2013 includes: Brandon Anthony as Prisoner Two Andrew Bosch as Prisoner Eight Richard Carmen as Lieutenant-General Stefan Hajek as Prisoner Four Michael Patten as The German Luke Schuck as Prisoner Five Roy Stanton as Prisoner One Andrew Tribolini as Regiment Colonel Josh Truax as Prisoner Six

The cast of Paratroop Squadron - 1964 includes: Boy Alano Sarah Calvin Josephine Estrada Dindo Fernando Blanca Gomez Johnny Misa German Moreno Edgar Salcedo Vic Vargas

Yes. German and Italian prisoners were kept in camps in Britain and the Isle of Man.

in the wolfs lair he was German prisoner in underground fortress

No, it is not legal to tattoo a prisoner of war (a captured soldier) forceably, the prisoners that were tattooed were the Jewish prisoners in the German concentration camps. These people were not prisoners of war (they were not soldiers).

The cast of The One That Got Away - 1957 includes: Terence Alexander as R.A.F. Intelligence Officer Gerald Anderson as Adjutant - Swanick Peggy Ann Clifford as Train Conductor Arthur Bentley as Cook - Swanick Victor Brooks as Police Sergeant Adrian Cairns as Bit Part Edward Cast as Driver - Hucknall Robert Cawdron as Officer on Horseback Jan Conrad as German Orderly in Canada Robert Crewdson as German Prisoner Reed De Rouen as Canadian Truck Driver Robert Dorning as Corporal Wilson Andrew Faulds as Lieutenant, Grizedale Michael Golden as First Detective Michael Goodliffe as R.A.F. Interrogator Colin Gordon as Army Interrogator Jack Gwillim as Commandant, Grizedale Paul Hansard as German Prisoner Celia Hewitt as Farm Girl 2 George Hirste as Jim - Old Porter Bernard Horsfall as Lieutenant - Kent Frederick Jaeger as German Prisoner Stratford Johns as Second Detective Harry Lockart as German Prisoner Richard Marner as German Prisoner Alec McCowen as Duty Officer, Hucknall George Mikell as German Prisoner Al Mulock as US Patrolman at Ogdensburg Robert Raglan as Bystander Michael Ripper as The Corporal Who Frisks Franz Norman Rossington as Sergeant - Swanick George Roubicek as German Prisoner Anthony Sagar as Cook - Kent Julian Somers as Booking Clerk John Van Eyssen as German Prisoner Ben Williams as Policeman at Hucknall Frank Williams as Station Porter

The cast of Lost on Adventure Island - 1984 includes: Mikhael as Danny on Boat Ulla German as Dungeon Prisoner Yancey Hendrieth as Buddy the Gorilla Crystal Holland as Anna Venus Hut as Zebra Prisoner Sandi Knight as Dungeon Prisoner Stan Rubens as Medical Doctor Cathy Simms as Dungeon Prisoner Diane Speaks as Zebra Prisoner

old dirty rags old German prisoner uniforms, thin clothing, no underclothing

In the Battle of Britain, when German raids were expected, A typical Spitfire squadron could be airborne within 5 minutes.

Sirius Black is a Black German Shepherd Dog in the Prisoner of Azkaban but in The Order of the Phoenix he is a Scottish Deerhound.

Yes. He was a captured soldier and spent time in a German prisoner of war camp.

The cast of Hand of God - 2008 includes: Henning Fischer as German soldier Greg Frumen as German Commander Carson Grant as Polish diplomat prisoner

A blockalteste was a block leader in the concentration camps. There were either the German Soldiers assigned to be a block leader of a block of buildings or a prisoner assigned to do the duty.

The Schutzstaffel is German and being translated means Protection Squadron or defense corps, and was abbreviated as SS.The SS was a major paramilitary organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The Soviet Army suspected most SS men of having committed atrocities. If they could, SS men tried to get taken prisoner with ordinary regular German soldiers and remove the tattoo.

2.21 million total, but they also lost 500,000 after the war in soviet prisoner of war camps

Primarily in Europe; although Japanese Naval units did pursue German Admiral Graf Spee's cruiser squadron in the Pacific, as he retreated towards South America.

Approximately 10,000 German troops died or were severely wounded on D-Day. Many more than that were taken prisoner.

Marian Piotrowski has written: 'Adventures of a Polish prisoner' -- subject(s): German Prisoners and prisons, World War, 1939-1945