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What is the name of the actress in the domino's hot tub commercial?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-29 01:20:18

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Copy is her photo from the commercial. Hope this'll help.

2007-06-29 01:20:18
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Who is the brunette actress in the Yellow Book commercial?

Her name is Alexandra Daddario, and she's really hot.

Who is actress in the Jardiance commercial?

The actress in the Jardiance Commercial that has Hot Air Balloons is Caryn Richman.

Who is the actress in recent hot pockets commercial?

Becky O'donohue

Who is the brunette actress in dish network commercial?

whos the hot brunette in the dish tv commercial ?

Who is the redhead girl in the Verizon 4G LTE commercial?

Her name is Dagmar Edwards - she is a popular actress from Czechoslovakia! ...and yes, she is hot!

Who is the blonde actress in the title masters commercial?

I dont know but she is hot.

Who is the hot actress in the new lawyers com commercial?

Deb D'Agostino

Who is the actress in the crest commercial?

Her name is Keisha Lall. If you look in the commercial when the security guards are looking at her passport, her name is printed on the passport. She is an Indian model/actress from London. As you can see, she is stunning. Here is a link to more about her:

Who is the actress in the hot pocket commercial where the child smashes through the brick wall to get the hot pocket?

Someone unimportant

Who is the blond actress in state farm hot tub commercial?

Holly Lynch is the girl from 4E.

Can you unscramble eieklmawndci into a popular actress name?

The actress is Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me, Hot in Cleveland).

Who is the actress in the new McDonald's commercial in which they play music on the coke glasses?

I don't know, but she is HOT! Elizabeth Hendrickson.

Who is the actress in the Ameristar Casino pulse commercial?

Katrina Law, she stared in the Starz original series Spartacus : Blood and Sand - Very good actress and hot as hell!

Who is the actress in the CLEAR 'Hot Dog' commercial?

Her name is Amanda Celine Miller, and she's an aspiring actress in Hollywood. She's done voice-over work in World of Warcraft and Squid Girl, and sang the theme song for White House/Black Market's Summer 2011 commercial. She has her own website.

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Her name is Bea Arthur.

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Nicole Muirbrook.... She's so hot.

Who is the adult actress in the spelling bee version of an Oscar-Meyer hot dog commercial?

Patricia Ja Lee.

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ANGELA TRIMBUR lol shes got the looks!

Are the pre cooked traditional hot wings from dominos fried?


Who is carol in the girls night Netflix commercial?

The actress is Kristen O'Meara. She is very nice. I contacted her directly, to find out the name of the ridiculously hot costar, and he is Peter Porte. Hope this helps. ~R

Who is the actress in the armor-all sense of pride commercial?

Good Question... She's HOT as hell! I hope someone out there knows the answer. The actress is Abby Brammell. (WJC; Columbus, OH.)

Who was the actress in MASH with the first name of Loretta?

switt she played hot lips

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Gemma Chan. Super hot!!

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I believe that's Ashley Austin Morris.