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Q: What is the name of the college Guillermo ochoa went to?
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Ellen Ochoa attend what college?

ellen went to stanford university

What nicknames did Maricela Ochoa go by?

Maricela Ochoa went by Mari.

What nicknames did Guillermo Zarur go by?

Guillermo Zarur went by Memo.

Is it true that Dulce Maria went out with Memo Ochoa?

Yes, they went out.

What year did Ellen Ochoa go into space?

Ellen Ochoa Went To Space For The First Time in 1999

Did will smith went to college yes or no What is the name he went?


What nicknames did Guillermo Gorostiza go by?

Guillermo Gorostiza went by Red bullet, and Bala roja.

What was the name of the college martin Luther king jr went to?

what was his highscool and college name

What was the name of Ozzy Osbourne's college?

Ozzy never went to college.

Where did Ochoa go to school?

In elementary school, Ryan Ochoa went to Tuscany Hills Elementary School in Lake Elsinore, CA. I know because I went there since I was in 2nd grade and he came to our school in 2010. In fourth grade he was in Mrs. Forby/ Boss's class.

What was the name of the school John Quincy Adams went to?

He went to college at Harvard.

What is the name of the college Matt hardy goes to?

He went to Sandhills Community College.