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Q: What is the name of the dever nuggets mascot?
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Who the mascot on Denver nuggets team?

Rocky, the Nuggets Mascot, is a mountain lion named after the Rocky Mountains, the largest mountain chain in North America that runs right through the state of Colorado, where the Nuggets play.

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Seamus Dever's birth name is Samus Patrick Dever.

Where was the denver nuggets mascot born?

Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

How does the nuggets mascot rocky relate to denver?

He's a mountain lion.

Does Denver Colorado have a mascot?

Denver Nuggets-Rocky Denver Broncos-Miles

How much does denver nuggets mascot make?

"Rocky" makes over one million dollars annually. He is actually the highest paid mascot in the NBA.

How did Denver Nuggets get its name?

The Denver Nuggets got it's name because in Colorado, people would pan for gold nuggets, hence the name Denver Nuggets

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Where did the Denver nuggets get their name?

Colorado... GOLD NUGGETS!!