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Her name is Tiamat.

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Q: What is the name of the five-headed dragon in the cartoon 'Dungeons and Dragons'?
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What game does D and D stands for?

dangerous dragon I thought it was Dungeons and Dragons

Which one is the weakest dungeons and dragons dragon copper or brass?

In dungeons and dragons 3.5, the weakest of the true dragons was the white dragon. Between the copper and the brass, an adult copper dragon has a challenge rating of 14 as opposed to the 12 of the brass, so the brass is weaker.

What does d and d stand for?

It stands for dragon and dark. 'Dungeons and Dragons' .... a classic RPG.Dungeons & Dragons-the game.

Is there a cartoon about dragons?

yes there is Jane and the Dragon, Dragonland & DragonBall.

Is it possible to become a dragon in fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons?

In 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons there is a humanoid race called: Dragonborn which are scaly and bipedal and can blast enemies with an elemental breath weapon.

What are some good role playing games?

Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, and Blue Dragon.

Any MMORPG with dragonkind?

There are quiet many which are "Dragon" kind... You can checkout : Dragon Nest Dragon Saga Dragon Soul Dragona Dungeons & Dragons Online Loong The Power of the Dragon

Dungeons and dragons online?

Dungeons and Dragon online is a computer game by trbine. It is a game with a monthly subsription and takes place in the world of Eberron. Website located at

What are some Middle Ages words that start with D?

encathy, enavation, and evacalate

What is the dragon called in dungeons and dragons?

There are many dragons in Dungeons and Dragons, Chromatic dragons are seen as "evil" dragons; these are Red, Blue, Green, White and Black. Then there are the "Good" dragons, or metallic Dragons, these being the Copper, Brass, Silver, and Gold dragons. There are also other dragons that aren't as closely related, that aren't "true dragons" so to speak, including pseudo dragons and dragon turtles. _______________________________________________________________________ Well-known dragons include, but are not limited to, Bahamut (lesser deity of the metallic (not platinum in 3.5, at least) dragons), Tiamat (lesser deity of the chromatic dragons), Sardior (deity of the "gem dragons"), Gruaghlothor (ruler of the "ferrous dragons"), and Io (father of dragons).

What are the release dates for Dungeons and Dragons - 1983 The Dragon's Graveyard 2-7?

Wizards and Warriors - 1983 Dungeon of Death 1-7 was released on: USA: 7 May 1983

What was the educational computer boardgame where you had to answer questions and reach the end to sleigh the dragon also you could verse the computer or multiplay with friends?

dungeons and dragons