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With the pigtails and the weapons talent? Ten-Ten. Spelling of her name varies, though. Tenten, Ten-Ten, TenTen... yeah.

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Q: What is the name of the girl in nejis squad from Naruto?
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What is nejis dad name?

His dad's name is Hizashi Hyuuga, his uncle's name is Hiashi Hyuuga, and his cousin's names are Hinata and Hanabi. P.S. It's spelled Hyuuga

Who are the people in squad 7 on naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki,Sakura Haruno and Sasuke uchiha and the name of their sensei is kakashi hatake

What Naruto episode is Shikamaru's mom in?

She comes in Naruto episode 110(not Shippuden). The name of the episode is: Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad! You can watch it on

From Naruto there is a girl named konan what is her last name?

i do not know her last name

What is the name of the main girl character on Naruto?

Sakura Haruno

Does a girl voice act for Naruto?

Yes it is and her name is Maile Flanagan.

What team was Obito in on the television series Naruto?

Naruto is an anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. The character Obito is an antagonist and is part of squad 7 (Team Kakashi). Obito used the name Madara throughout most of the Naruto series.

What is the name of the girl with blue hair in Naruto and that is not Hinata but another bluehaired girl?

if u mean the girl in the Akatsuki then its Konan.

What is the blind girls name in Naruto?

Are you talking about the girl with the short dark blue hair and light blue eyes? If you are, her name is hinata. There is no female character in Naruto that is blind.

Is naruko Naruto's sister?

Naruko is the girl that Naruto transforms into when he uses his sexy jutsu. Naruko is not the "official" name but she is commonly refereed to as Naruko by fans.

What is the name of the girl with orange hair in naruto around episode 145?

Her name is Sasame Fuma from the Fuma clan.

Is the mizukage a girl?

The Mizukage is a girl and her name is unknown. She is really hot and big boobed. Kinda looks like kushina(naruto's mom)