What is the name of the knife worn round the neck of some religions?

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How did the fettling knife get its name?

A fettling knife is used to finish pottery by removing defectspresent in ceramics after casting. It comes from the Middle Englishword 'fetle' which meant to shape or prepare.

What is something worn around your neck?

Some blind people wear sunglasses because their eyes might look weird, like cloudy or deformed. Some people might not be fully blind, just legally blind, and be sensitive to light. Also, a deaf person wearing earmuffs would look extremely weird and they wouldn't need to wear earmuffs anyways, it k ( Full Answer )

What is a round knife?

A round knife is a knife used to work with leather. It has an axe-like rounded blade that cuts leather with a rolling action of the sharp edge.

What is the real name for a MacGyver knife?

The Swiss Army knife, made be Victorinox. Several models have been used in the show, "Tinker", "Executive", "Explorer" and "Huntsman" models most commonly known.

What is a round knife that is also called?

There are many varieties of round knives, they can be called Rotary knives or circular for certain knives, but there is more, I have listed some sites: . http://www.appliedcutting.com/?gclid=CLCD6uDY4JUCFR8SQQodKQvNXw . http://www.tandyleatherfactory.co.uk/pc-70843-205-osborne-70-round-knife.as ( Full Answer )

The name tag is worn on what side?

Company Logo on the left - Name on the right. . No Company Logo - Name on the left. . Navy name goes over the right pocket. Service badge and ribbons go over the left pocket.

What is the name of the vestmen worn by priest?

The priest wears an alb ( usually white) that goes from neck to toe; over the alb he wears a vestment called a chasuble. If not wearing the chasuble he will wear stole over the alb. The chasuble and stole are the colors of the season.

What is another name for a knife?

You can try blade, cutter, cutting edge, dagger, stiletto More remote terms might include sword, bayonet, , lance, lancet, bit, cutlass, machete, kris, whittle, poniard, scalpel, edge, dirk

Name some customs of the moslem religion?

The women are given a special place in the family and society. . The respect of elders and love for juniors is binding upon everyone. . A person has to cater to the needs of his neighbours and has to be considerate towards them. . No anti-social behaviour is allowed. . No adultery is all ( Full Answer )

Name of the artery in your neck?

The main artery in your neck is called the Carotid Artery. It is the largest artery in the neck region.

What is throgs neck named for?

There is a Throg's Neck Bridge somewhere in New York, near the City. I've always wondered what it means. Maybe contact an historian or check an old encyclopedia.

What is the name of the piece of white linen worn by a priest around his neck and shoulders?

Amice . According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, an amice is "a liturgical vestment consisting of an oblong piece of white linen worn around the neck and shoulders and partly under the alb." For more information about the amice on Answers.com, click on the Related ( Full Answer )

What is the name of hat worn by witches?

The type of hat commonly associated with Witches is a conical hat. For further information, I suggest you read this page: http://www.controverscial.com/The%20Witches%20Hat.htm

What is the name of an hat worn by witch?

It is called "Yom mum" and sometimes a Pointy but is also reffered to as a Witching Bonnet even though it does not look like the other bonnets of its era.

What is the name of the cape worn by a pope?

The Papal cape is called a COPE. The American Heritage Dictionary says the following: cope (noun) 1. A long ecclesiastical vestment worn over an alb or surplice. 2. A covering resembling a cloak or mantle. Etymology: from the Middle English cope, from Old English cope, from Medieval Lat ( Full Answer )

What is the name of a knife sharpener?

Whetstone is just one type of the knife sharpener. There are many other types of sharpening systems and devices including sandpaper, grinders, V type sharpeners, electrical sharpeners, etc. General name is still a knife sharpener though.

Why are true religion jeans mostly worn by black people?

cuz they be fly yo. Also the are sold at most urban clothing stores, which is where inner city populations shop. Being that those populations have a greater concentration of minorities it is reasonable that you would see more of those minorities wearing brands that are sold where they shop. Same rea ( Full Answer )

Is a Scarf worn around the neck a sign of Muslim religion?

no and yes some Muslims where them and some russia people also where them and some Muslims don't and that does not mean there not Muslims they can also just be kind and kindful to show there Muslim too but not bad

What are some knife names?

Broad: Cutlery, Utility, Tactical, Camping, etc Specific: Bread knife, Sheepsfoot, trailer, tanto, spearpoint, carver, Kukuree, bowie, etc

Name of scarf worn by priests?

It is called a stole and is worn by deacons, priests, and bishops alike. However, the way they wear it is different. Priests and deacons wear it in the same way - in the "scarf-like" fashion you mentioned. Conversely, deacons wear it as a sash, going around their left shoulder, chest, and back. It s ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the Cloth draped round the head worn as part of the habit of nuns?

There are two pieces of cloth used in a regular nun's habit on her head. The first is a Wimple . This is usually white, it can be pleated or loose. It comes up under the chin, completely covers the head and falls like a bib in a half moon shape off the shoulders. The second would be the veil prop ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the dinosaur with the longest neck?

bracheasaurus. They can reach to about to 5 storys high! brachiasaurus (brak-ee-a sor us) are very common dinosaurs. they are not attractive to movement and arent vicous lie other speices. they are about 30 feet long from head to tail. they have very long necks

What is the name of the clothes worn in mecca?

Ihram clothing is simply an item of clothing to be worn during the pilgrimage, but there are many competing views on the proper wearing of ihram. For example, the exact number of days a pilgrim is required to wear ihram varies according to the type of pilgrimage (Hajj) the individual is performing, ( Full Answer )

How did Bilbo's knife get its name sting?

Bilbo gives it that name after he defeats the spiders in Mirkwood. He's referring to himself being the stinging fly who fights back, and the sword is his sting.

What is the name of the spine in the neck?

At the very top of the spine are the atlas and axis vertebrae. Beneath them are the cervical vertebrae of the neck, which connect to the dorsal vertebrae of the back. Next are the lumbar vertebrae near the base of the spine, which terminate at the sacrum and coccyx.

What is the name of hat worn by pope?

The tall and pointed head gear is called a mitre while the small 'beanie-like' cap he wears on the back of his head is called a zucchetto.

What is the name for a guitar neck attachment?

there are 2 different types of neck joints on guitars, bolt on necks, and set necks. acoustics are usually set neck, most metal or rock oriented gitars are bolt ons. hope this helps - Kyse

Why can't rosaries be worn around the neck?

You can't because it is a sign of disrespect. Also it show that y ou don't care about the real meaning of it. You should hold it in your hands. You can have a rosary bracelet or key chain but it was made specifically for that purpose.

What is another name for a vegetable knife?

A "Pairing" knife is the most commonly used knife for peeling the skins from vegetables. A medium "chef's knife" is used for chopping and slicing vegetables.

Why did Bilbo name his knife Sting?

Immediately before naming the sword, Bilbo is described as being like a small fly, caught in the web of one of the giant spiders of Mirkwood. After he draws his sword and kills the spider, he dubs the sword Sting. While it's never explicitly stated why he chooses the name Sting, the timing of events ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of a neck knife?

Neck knives are simply a small knife with a fixed blade that is most commonly worn around a person's neck. Generally, these neck knives are intended for utilitarian uses.