What is the name of the old World War 2 movie where prisoners in a large castle build a glider in the attic?

World War 2 Movie

I know that show. I think it's called something like, On Eagles Wings or Wings of Eagles maybe. Try calling your local video store and asking them.


The Movie you're thinking of is The Colditz Story. It was the true story of persistantly escaping allied POWs who were transferred to a supposedly escape-proof castle. Naturally, even that didn't stop them......Quite Right Too!

Tally Ho!

The Pimpernel

I also was looking for the answer to this question. First, I think the movie name you are trying to think of is "Where Eagles Dare". That is a great WW2 film with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood. However, no gliders. Based on the answer by the Pimpernel, I rented "The Colditz Story" from Netflix, 1957 version. Fun movie, however again no gliders. Historically there were gliders built and used at Colditz castle, but not in this movie. So I'm trying again. It appears there was a movie made for TV in 1971. That fits with the time period I remember watching the movie on this subject, so I think that is what the Pimpernel was referring to..."The Birdmen", starring Doug McClure, Chuck Connors.