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Stoparjeva Polka (AKA Stopar Polka)

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Q: What is the name of the polka music in the 1951 classic A Christmas Carol?
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What is the name of the Polka in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol in the part where Scrooge visits his nephew?

The Polka played during Scrooge's visit to his nephew in the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol is called "The Jolly Polka."

What impact has polka music had on America?

Polka music has had an impact on many types of music in America. Its influences are seen in Tex-Mex music and even in classical music. The polka band was most popular with German-Americans but polka masses and polka organizations represent huge varieties of Americans now.?æ

What is special about polka music?

Polka originates from Bohemia and has spread throughout Europe and America. Almost all Polka music have the half-tempo (2/4) but there are local differences in every country.

What is the German native music?

maybe polka

Is there any special music from Pennsylvania?


Who created polka music?

not me...not me...hehehhe...peace

What is Taylor Lautner's favorite type of music?

polka music by Natalie rose #########

What is cross polka?

Cross Polka is a kind of music. It is a tune. Till now there has been 4 recordings of this tune.

What kind of music did they used to listen to in Germany?

Polka is recognized as a German type of music.

What is the origin of the word polka dot?

Polka dot is character that had spots. It came from polka dancers, when the music played on too long they would see spots before their eyes.

What do the people of Poland like?

Polka music, sausage, pierogis.

When was the polka invented?

Polka is a Central European dance with a genre of music known in Europe and the Americas. It was invented in 19th century Bohemia.