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Jerome Horwitz Elementary School

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Q: What is the name of the school in Captain Underpants?
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Captain underpants 9 and 10?

Captain Underpants 9: Captain Underpants and the Terrifying Return of Tippy Tinkletrousers Captain Underpants 10: UNKNOWN Go to for more info on Captain Underpants.

What is the name of the first Captain Underpants book?

The first Captain Underpants book is called "The Adventures of Captain Underpants."

Who is the main character in Captain Underpants?

The main characters in Captain Underpants are George Beard and Harold Hutchins, who are two mischievous fourth graders known for creating comic books. Captain Underpants himself is another main character, a superhero alter ego of their school principal, Mr. Krupp.

What channel is Captain Underpants on?

Captain Underpants can be found on the DreamWorks Animation channel.

What channel has Captain Underpants?

Captain underpants isn't a show. It's a book.

Is Captain Underpants fiction?

yes captain underpants is fiction

Who would win Jenny Wakeman or Captain Underpants?

It would depend on the specific scenario and conditions of the battle. Jenny Wakeman, being a highly advanced robot, would likely have the technological advantage while Captain Underpants may have unexpected tricks up his sleeve due to his comedic and imaginative nature.

What colour are the underpants of Captain Underpants?


On the nick website it's about Captain Underpants what do you win?

captain underpants book collection.

What is the author of Captain Underpants?

Dav Pilkey wrote Captain Underpants.

Who illustrated captain underpants?

Dav Pilkey writes and illustrates the Captain Underpants series. ;D

What was david pilkey purpose of writing Captain Underpants?

Dav Pilkey wrote Captain Underpants as a way to engage reluctant readers with silly humor and engaging storytelling. He wanted to create a series that would entertain and encourage children to develop a love of reading.