Jack Daniels

What is the name of the song in the Jack Daniels commercial?


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Don't know the Song name but its by the band "Janes Addiction"


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The song in by Brighton, MA and it is called "Good Kind Of Crazy" and it is a great song

'Good Kind of Crazy' by Brighton MA, awesome song!

"Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction. You can get this song from the album Kettle Whistle. The song was from the first Lollapalooza, recorded live on 7/24/91. Rock It!

I dont know if this answers your question but it has some info about the song and who made it. But I too couldn't find the track itself on youtube or whatever .. Hopes it help

The name of the song in the latest Kia commercial is Applause by Lady Gaga. The song is featured in a Soul commercial.

the song playing in the blackjack commercial is Stringing Sitars by Anjali

Reflections is the name of the song. It's off The Charlie Daniels Band album Million Mile Reflections.

Empire of the Sun's "We are the People" is the name of the artist and song on the current Vizio commercial.

Name of song in Puma commercialMazarin-For Energy Infinite The latest Puma commercial has a guy singing a song. Artist is Paolo Nutini and the name of the song is "New Shoes".Gnarls Barkley - Going On

It is referring to a bottle of Jack Daniels, which is whiskey. NOT wine like previously answered

The commercial song is called won't back down by Eminem

the song in the McDonald's commercial is stupid other then that I don't know.

Laughing Cow commercial song Track Info: Artist Name: Patrick & Eugene Song Name: Don't Stop.

Dreams is the name of the song in the LG touch phone commercial. The song is performed by British singer Lily Allen.

The song on the NFL's "back to football" commercial is Waka Waka by Shakira.

Who wrote the song on this commercial......... can't find it ..... it sunds very familiar.......

the name of the song is Do the weenie dance!

The name of the song is "Gone" by Donnis

"It belongs to the woman", is the name of the song.

The song in the diamond commercial with the elderly couple is "Stand by Me." The song in the commercial was performed by Laurence Juber.

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