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I researched this extensively and it appears it's not a real song at all. It looks like they made the song just for the commercial. It sounds like the B-52's or the Go-Go's

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What is cj's last name from push play?

His Last Name is Baran.

What is the lead singer's name from the band push play?

C.J. Baron

What is the name of the song they play for the McDonald's mic rib commercial?

your a fat lard

There was a red cross commercial in 1990 with featured the rolling stones song gimme shelter What was the name of this commercial?

Red Cross commercial, Play Your Part, was from the 1980s. It featured Gimme Shelter. Unfortunately the commercial can't be found on the internet.

Who is in the dove deodorant commercial the one where her violin concert is in an hour?

Her name is Jennifer, she is not an actress, and she does play the violin.

What are the peoples name who plays in push play?

Cj Baran, Steve Scarola, Nick DeTuris, and Derek Reis

What is a name of a Singer that starts with a c?

CJ Baran from Push Play =] Ciara Chris Brown Christina Aguilara

Who is the band on the free credit report com commercial?

Actually, there is a band. It's actually the guy in the commercial. His name is Eric Violette and he does infact sing and play guitar.

Did Camilla Belle play in the movie Push?

Yes, Camilla Belle did play in the Movie "Push". She played as Kira Hollis.

Can you play the new jeep commercial song?

WikiAnswers cannot play sounds, however the commercial can be found HERE

Who is the lead singer of push play?

the lead singer in the band push olay is CJ.

How do you push on Club Penguin?

push on the button on the left side that says, "play now".

How tall is Steve from push play?


Does Kellan Lutz play in Push the movie?


Who is the woman who sees more in the windows phone commercial?

An actress I saw in a play at the Bush Theatre in London. I can't recall her name.

How do you play a PowerPoint without clicking?

you push F5

How do you play Nintendo DS?

you type and push that is easy

Is Emily Osment dating CJ from Push Play?


A verb that starts with P?

push play panic

What is the name for a game that u play as mushroom push boulder push bomb explode certain area to reach key to open door when go near flowers they eats u and when you're away it will fall asleep?


How do rabbits play?

Rabbits play by tossing things with their mouth. They also will push things back to you.

Did Selena Gomez play in McDonalds commercial as a child?


Did chris brown play in the state farm commercial?


Does Melanie Paxson play the wife in the Jake state farm commercial?

No, watch her Fiber One Commercial & this commercial back to back for proof it's NOT her.

What is the name of the music used in Microsoft's commercial to impress his parents to give him a dog then his dad uses it to play golf?

Bruce Broughton....from the movie Silverado...