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The song Neo is listening to at the beginning of the film is "Dissolved Girl" by Massive Attack on their album "Mezzanine"

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Why do white rabbits keep appearing in films and adverts?

most likely its an allusion to the white rabbit in Lewis Carroll's Alice in wonderland that probably symbolizes the start of a journey an example would be how in the beginning of the matrix trilogy Neo was told to "follow the white rabbit" which was a tattoo on a girls arm which led him to meet trinity starting his adventures into the matrix witch Morpheus later refers to as going "down the rabbit hole"

What was the colour of the rabbit neo in the matrix?

The White Rabbit is a metaphorical reference to the character in Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice follows him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Neo is instructed to follow the White Rabbit and descends into his realization of the Matrix.

What was the name of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland?

The rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is properly named "White Rabbit". The character is, in fact, a white rabbit. Pop culture references to the white rabbit appear in The Matrix when Neo is told to "follow the white rabbit" by an unidentified chat user. The white rabbit appears as a tattoo on a girl minutes later.

In the movie The Matrix what song is playing when Neo is in the party after seeing the white rabbit?

There are two songs that play over the rave Neo goes to after seeing the white rabbit. The first is Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) by Rob Zombie. The second, which is playing when Neo meets Trinity, is Mindfields by Prodigy.

When was Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence created?

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence was created in 1996.

How many pages does Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence have?

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence has 136 pages.

Who was the girl with the rabbit tattoo in the matrix?

character: DuJour actress: Ada Nicodemou

Would you follow the white rabbit?

Yes. To see what is down the rabbit hole.

How do you train a rabbit to listen to you?

Get to know your rabbit and be gentle with it let it run around and don't cage it all day

Where did Alice follow the white rabbit to?


Can you relocate a wild rabbit?

follow the trail.

Why did Alice in Wonderland follow the rabbit?


Did Alice follow a rabbit or a dormouse?

Alice from the Alice in Wonderland stories follows a White Rabbit.

What animal did Alice follow into wonderland?

The White Rabbit

What kind of animal does Alice follow in Wonderland?

A rabbit

Can you put your rabbit on a leash?

Yes, but better to put a big carrot on the leash. Then your rabbit will always follow you around.

Why does Alice follow the white rabbit?

She was bored, and it was exceedingly curious to see a rabbit with a jacket and a pocket watch, talking about being late. She did what any child would do: follow the funny bunny.

Who does Alice follow into Wonderland?

Alice follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland.

What does Alice follow down a hole into Wonderland?

Alice follows the White Rabbit.

Do rabbits follow their owners?

Yes, after you train it and let it get used to, the rabbit will appreciate you very much and would want to follow you most of the time!

How heavy is the heaviest rabbit?

The world's biggest rabbit is 4 feet tall and weighs 50 pounds. If you dont believe me follow the link in related links below.

What breed of rabbit is a good first pet?

Small breeds are very good beginner's pet. The most well known, friendly breed of rabbit is the Dutch rabbit. They don't nip at all and they are easy to take care of. Most rabbits are also very tidy and clean. They use the toilet in the corner of their cages. The Dutch rabbit will listen obediently. Definitely consider the Dutch rabbit!

What similarities are there to the 'Matrix' effects in the stories about Alice and Dorothy?

That the three films deal with reluctant displacements and comfort levels is the similarity between the "Matrix" effects and the fictional stories about "Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy and "The Wizard of Oz."Specifically, the character Neo in the "Matrix" series is involved in adventures inside and outside the Matrix. He looks for where his comfort level really is and ultimately finds it. The same may be said of Alice's adventures inside and outside of the rabbit hole and of Dorothy Gale in Kansas and Oz.

Who made the Diamond Arms shotgun with a rabbit on one side of the action?

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How do you train your rabbit to walk on a leash?

get them used to the leash at an early age, and just follow them because they're the leader not you