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This Strange Effect Lyrics By: Hooverphonic The name of the song in the Cingular Wireless for the SLVR phone is called 'Bom, Bom, Bom' by the Living Things. "Lesson No. 1" BY Viva Voce.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-23 07:41:04
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Q: What is the name of the theme song for the new Cingular SLVR commercial and who sings it?
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What is the song from the Cingular SLVR commercial that has the lyrics 'you do the strangest things'?

hooverphonic-this strange effect

What is the name of the song in the Motorola SLVR commercial?

Viva Voce - Lesson No.1

When was Motorola SLVR created?

Motorola SLVR was created in 2005.

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How do you access Media Net on a Motorola SLVR L7?

You need to make sure your phones WAP settings are correct. Call your service provider and they should be able to configure it for you.

Pair Motorola slvr to plantronics explorer 233?

start with the unit (headset) turned off. now press and hold power button til it flashes blue and red

What is call drop tone?

Your phone beeps at regular intervals after u miss a call or have an unread message. It's an option I've seen in Motorola phones (Moto Slvr)


you can hook it to your PC or mac using i-tunes, but it depends on which USB cord you use because some of the, are used only to charge the phone.

What could be wrong with his Motorola SLVR. It powers up only to the start up screen then freezes. Whats wrong and how can I fix it?

its so big and round and its poffy to so brocally can eat it,.

Which phones will the Turbo Charge TC400 Portable Reusable Cell Phone Charger work with?

The Turbo Charge TC400 will work with the Motorola, Motorola RAZR/ SLVR, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung, LG (x2), Sony/Ericsson, Nextel, Kyocera/Audiovox and Sanyo

Can anyone help you with your slvr?

found it in my drawer in my room and it got water damage like 3 years ago but worked a little while after .. now when i try to turn it on the keypad lights up for about 4 secs then turns off is there any way i can fix it without getting it repaired?

How do you download music into your Motorola slvr?

I liek to take music from CD and hammer to the fone cuz it works good and oh em gee my internet address is being tracked cuz i have no proxy on and its so hard to get unban when they ban my IP now they going to know where the PC of i am using is at oh em gee

How do you fix your Motorola slvr it got water damaged and the screen won't come on?

The same way you would try to fix any water-damaged electronics.First of all, don't turn it on. Since you said that the screen won't come on, I assume you already tried to turn it on.Remove the battery and rinse the phone with distilled water (not tap water).Finally, leave the phone and battery to dry in a hot, dry place for 24 hours (not in direct sunlight).

Which are compatible Bluetooth cell phones for 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander?

Answer 1: I have used several different phones, even some not listed on the official site, and most will work great. Answer 2: Applies to 2007 Outlander XLS: Motorola RIZR is not fully compatible. It needs to be manually connected each time, and other registered Bluetooth phones will supersede it regardless of how how it is set up. I have been very successful with several Blackberrys, Siemens (Euro crosstype) phones, Motorola RAZR, Motorola SLVR, HTC Dash/Excalibur, and New HTC G1 (T-Mobile Google Phone).

The Motorola L9 And Performance?

The Motorola L9 SLVR is an older phone that really hasn't aged too well. If you still happen to be using this phone, don't worry, as it's still a pretty solid Motorola product for your needs. Just remember that by this time, the battery life isn't too great anymore, so you should probably look at some online retailer for replacement batteries. Even though these may not performance as well as your battery did when you first got your phone, these will last longer than your current battery and they should be really cheap if you find the right sources online.

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