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They took the name Israel (ישראל)

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Q: What is the name the Hebrews took in canaan?
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What were the 2 name changes ancient hebrews took?

Ancient Hebrews took the following name changes: Children of Israel Israelites Judaeans Jews

Who led the Hebrews Israelites to the invasion of Canaan is named?

Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan.

Where were the Hebrews before they were invited into Egypt?

They were in Canaan (כנען).

Are Hebrews from Canaan and Jews from Europe?

All Jews (aside from converts) are descended from the Hebrews of the Bible, who at one time lived in Canaan. Later many of them migrated to Europe.

What is the homeland of the Hebrews called?

In the past: Canaan. Today: Israel.

Where did the Hebrews move to since Canaan had famine?

they moved to Egypt.

What nation did hebrews establish in canaan?

The nation of Israel (ישראל)

What land was promised to the Hebrews?

The Land of Canaan, which was west of the River Jordan. This included, among other cities, Jericho, Gaza, Sidon, and Jerusalem.

Who did God have bring out the Hebrews from slavery and Canaan?

Moses (משה) brought the people out of slavery, but no one "brought them out of Canaan"

Who did the Hebrews fight in canaan?

The Canaanites (Though there is a school of thought that says the hebrews didn't fight the Canaanites, but that they WERE the canaanites.)

When did the Hebrews leave canaan for Egypt?

According to tradition, it was in 1522 BCE.

Who brought the hebrews across the sinai desert back to canaan?