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Q: What is the name who studies tornadoes?
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What scientist studies tornados?

Since tornadoes are a form of weather, the scientists who study tornadoes are weather scientists of meteorologists.

Who studies tornadoes today?

Tornadoes are studied by meteorologist, some of whom are storm chasers.

Who studies tornadoes?

Meteorologists study tornadoes and other weather events. Many of those who study tornadoes are storm chasers.

Who studies hurricanes and tornadoes?

Since tornadoes and hurricanes are weather phenomena they are studied by meteorologists, or weather scientists.

What do you call a scientist who studies tornadoes?

Since tornadoes are a form of weather, they are studied by weather scientists. A weather scientist is a meteorologist.

How did the F-scale help scientist learn more about unpredictable tornadoes?

The Fujita scale does not help in predicting tornadoes, but it is a useful tool in statistical studies of tornadoes, where singling out stronger or weaker tornadoes is useful.

Will the future number of tornadoes increase?

it is unknown. global warming may increase or decrease tornadoes, more studies need to be done to determine this.

Another name you call tornadoes?

Tornadoes are often called twisters.

What name do open water tornadoes have?

Tornadoes on water are called waterspouts.

Can tornadoes call your name?

Tornadoes are severe wind storms and do not speak, let alone call out a name.

What is the name of the tornadoes that are most common in the southeast quadrant of the us?

The tornadoes that hit the southeastern U.S. are simply called tornadoes.

What is the tornadoes nick name?

A twister.