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If the planned moon base ever gets built it will house astronauts as they continue to explore the moon.

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Q: What is the nasa moon base going to do?
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Has NASA been operating a base on the moon for more thanm twenty years?

There is no NASA moon base.

Is NASA faking going to the moon?

No, NASA really did go to the moon.

Why did NASA create the game Moon Base Alpha?

NASA Created the game Moon Base Alpha because they wanted to get students interested in aeronautics.

Is NASA going to terriform the moon?


Why did NASA stop going to the moon?

NASA is actually planing to go to the moon again by the year 2013

Where nasa is planning to establish a permanent base?


Is NASA going to bomb the moon?

Not as far as we know.

Why are we not going to the moon?

NASA is planing to go to the moon again by the year 2013.

When are we going back to the moon?

Nasa is going back to the moon in 2018 after they build the new module system.

When are NASA putting a man back on the moon?

A permanent moon base is slated for completion in 2024.

When did people stop going to the moon?

Obama is shutting down NASA

When is Nasa going to the moon?

NASA is planing to send 4 astronauts vabck to the moon in 2018. NASA has already begane sending orbiters to the moon. the first one was called LRO. its going to be there until sometime in october. its plane is to crash into the luner surface. the date this is going to happen i have no clue. well the new rockets that are going to send the men back to the moon is called Ares. its also going to bring people to and from the International Space Station. (ISS)