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Q: What is the nationality of the people in jamacia?
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What is the nickname for jamacia?

what is the nick name for jamacia

Who gives the presents to the children and people in Jamacia?

who gives the chidren and people presents in jamaica

What is jamacia's nickname?

jamacia nickname is JA that's all

What is your nationality?

every people have diffident nationality

Three important people of jamacia?

bob Marley Marcus Garvey Christopher Columbus

What is jamacia's population?

the population of jamacia is 2780132

What is the nationality called for people native to Portugal?

The nationality for people native to Portugal is Portuguese.

What is the difference between nationality and citizenship in filipino people?


Most people in China belong to which nationality?

The Han nationality

What is the nationality of Tonga?

The nationality of Tonga is the christinality of the Tongan people.

Are their volcanoes in Jamacia?


What is jamacia's ethnic composition?

Jamacia ethnic compasition is wen u speak diffrent languages.