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Q: What is the nationality of the people of seychelles?
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When was People's Party - Seychelles - created?

People's Party - Seychelles - was created in 1964.

How many people are famous in seychelles?

what are the seychelles famous citizens.

What is the population number of people of seychelles?

Seychelles has a population of 81,188. See related question.

What is the population density of Seychelles?

Seychelles's population density is 186.2 people per square kilometer.

What do Seychelles people drink?


What are people from seychelles called?


What kind of music do the people in seychelles like?


What is your nationality?

every people have diffident nationality

What is the traditional men costume of Seychelles?

Traditional Seychelles clothing include the 'Kazak' (blouse) and the 'prewar' (skirt). Traditional Seychelles Clothing - National Costume The French and British colonists had a big influence on how people dressed in Seychelles. Even though Catholicism is the most widely practiced religion in Seychelles, Hinduism, and Islam also play a role in the religious landscape. Seychelles culture brings you to a world influenced by both Creole and Western elements.

What type of clothing do people wear in Seychelles?

light clothing

What is the nationality called for people native to Portugal?

The nationality for people native to Portugal is Portuguese.

What is the difference between nationality and citizenship in filipino people?