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When the iron in a nail combines with oxygen it forms iron oxide. We call this rust.

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Q: What is the new product of a rusting nail?
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Is a nail rusting a physical or chemical?

A nail rusting is a chemical change.

Why is rusting nail chemical change?

A rusting nail is the oxidation of iron, in which the iron in the nail and the oxygen in the air react to form a new substance, iron oxide, with different properties from the iron and the oxygen.

Can you reverse an iron nail rusting?

ca you reverse an iron nail rusting

Is rusting a nail a physical change or chemical change?

A nail rusting is a chemical change. The chemical formula of the metal completely changes, adding oxygen to the formula. Iron changes from Fe to FeO2 , or to Fe2O3

After electroplating a nail what is the new chemical name on the nail?

Galvanized nails are used in roofing they stand up to weather better, no rusting.

Is a nail rusting a pysical change?

No, rusting is oxidation, a form of chemical change.

Why nail rusting is an irreversible change?

Because you can't 'unrust' a nail

What chemical property is shown when rust forms on a nail?

When rust forms on a nail the dark brown colour is the characteristics of rusting.

What is a galvanized nail?

a galvanized nail is a nail that has got a zinc anti detterent on it this prevents the rusting of the nail and is used for construction

Is a nail rust is a chemical?

Yes, a rusting nail is an example of the chemical change oxidation.

Is a nail rusting a physical or chemical chnage?


Does the liquid affect the speed of rusting a nail?