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What is the next three sizes up in gauging your ears after 00?

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August 16, 2008 1:50AM

The term is stretching, not gauging. While gauge can be a verb, if you go to any reputable shop and talk to them they will laugh at you if you say gauge. after 00ga, the next size is either 10mm (sometimes 000ga) or 11mm (7/16"). 00ga can be 9mm or 10mm so it would be best to find out before you attempt to stretch up. Glass, steel, and titanium are the only materials for a fresh stretch, so if you have been stretching with acrylic at this point, don't do that anymore! has wonderful products at extremely reasonable prices, and they accept cash, so there is no reason not to have suitable materials for stretching! The sizes go like this: 00ga, 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", however, 00ga can be 9mm or 10mm (as I stated), 7/16" is 11mm, 1/2" is 13mm so you need to stretch to 12mm first. Many fractions of an inch sizes have mm sizes in between, like so: 00ga (9mm/10mm), 7/16" (11mm), 12mm, 1/2" (13mm), 9/16" (14mm), 15mm, 5/8" (16mm), 11/16" (17mm), 18mm, 3/4" (19mm), 20mm, 13/16" (21mm), 7/8" (22mm), 23mm 15/16" (24mm), 1" (25/26mm) Good luck!