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Q: What is the nickname for Tasmanians?
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What is nickname given to the inhabitants for Tasmania Australia?

Tasmanians are sometimes called "Taswegians".

Why is Tasmanians nickname tassie?

Australians like to shorten all of their words e.g Macdonalds in australia is called Maccas

Where country can you find Tasmanians?


Where do Tasmanians live?

Tasmania is an island state of southeast Australia.

How is welcome said in Tasmanian language?

"Welcome". Tasmanians, like the rest of Australia, speak English.

What has the author Rebe Taylor written?

Rebe Taylor has written: 'Unearthed' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Tasmanians, History

What has the author Lyndall Ryan written?

Lyndall Ryan has written: 'The Aboriginal Tasmanians' -- subject(s): Australian aborigines, History

What has the author Nicholas Cree written?

Nicholas Cree has written: 'Oyster Cove' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Tasmanians, History

Why are Tasmanians proud of Rachael Taylor?

She's made it into big budget Transformers after a short time in the US. She also starred in Shutter and other stuff.

What is the tasmanians devil locomotion?

A Tasmanian devil has 4 feet that it uses for locomotion. The tail is also important because it holds fat, helping the animal keep its balance.

How many people died in the black war?

The term "Black War" is commonly used to refer to the conflict between European settlers and Indigenous Tasmanians in the early 19th century. It is estimated that hundreds of Indigenous Tasmanians were killed during this conflict. However, as reliable records were not kept, it is challenging to determine an exact number. The war resulted in significant loss of life and had a devastating impact on the Indigenous Tasmanian population.

What has the author Rosalie Medcraft written?

Rosalie Medcraft has written: 'The sausage tree' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Tasmanians, Social life and customs, Social conditions, Mixed descent, Biography, History