What is the normal engine temperature for a car engine?

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Engines vary. The normal operating temperature for a modern (e.g., 1996+) automobile engine, manufactured for sale or use in the US, will fall between 200 and 250 degrees F. Smog equipment and computerized combustion control favor a 'hotter' running engine. The proper amount and concentration of coolant in your engine will protect it.
The thermostat plays a big part in controlling it. If you buy a 185 degree thermostat it opens at 185 degrees. Same with a 195 & so on. Average engine temp (as no specific given) would be around 195 - 205 degrees. The cooling fans come on around 210 degrees approx. The temperature will vary according to driving conditions, ambient temperature etc..

Some newer engines will run in the 220 to 230 deg range.
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