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Q: What is the noun form of afraid?
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What kind of noun is afraid?

Afraid is an adjective not a noun.

What is the noun form of the word frightened?

The word 'frightened' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to frighten.The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.The noun form of the verb to frighten is the gerund, frightening.A related noun form is fright.Examples:A sudden noise in the dark had frightened me. (verb)The frightened child hid behind his mother's knees. (adjective)What a frightening we had on the interstate today. (noun)A fright sent the cat running up the tree. (noun)

What is the noun for the adverb afraid?

Afraid is an adjective or part of a verb, not an adverb. The noun would be fright.

Is the word afraid a common noun?

No. Afraid is an adjective

What is the difference between fear and afraid?

Fear is a noun. "I have a fear." Afraid is an adjective. "I am afraid."

Is afraid a noun?

Yes, the word 'fear' is a noun; a word for an unpleasant feeling caused by expectation or awareness of danger; a concern about what may happen, a worry; a reason for dread or apprehension; a word for an emotion; a word for a thing.The word 'fear' is also a verb: fear, fears, fearing, feared.

What is the abstract noun for afraid?

The word 'anxiety' is an abstract noun; a word for apprehensive uneasiness, usually over something impending or anticipated; a type of nervous disorder; a word for an emotion.The adjective form is anxious.

Is darkness an adverb?

Dark is an adjective and a noun, but not an adverb (which would be darkly).Adjective: The dark room is somewhat creepy.Noun: Some children are afraid of the dark.

What is the noun form of horrible?

The noun form for the adjective horrible is horribleness.

Is afaids a word?

No, the word is spelled afraid. There is no 's' on afraid. It can be used with both singular and plural noun or pronoun. Examples: I felt afraid. He sounded afraid. They acted afraid. The horses seemed afraid.

Is afraid a noun adjective or pronoun?

The word 'afraid' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.The adjective 'afraid' is most often used as a predicate adjective (subject complement), an adjective following a linking verb that restates the subject of the sentence.Examples:Jack is afraid of snakes. (Jack = afraid)I was afraid that you couldn't make it. (I = afraid)Afraid she'd miss the bus, Mary ran out without her lunch. (afraid = Mary)

What is the noun form of prosperous?

The noun form of the adjective 'prosperous' is prosperousness.A related noun form is prosperity.