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Real silver can have many different markings, ranging from 750 to 999- depending on the piece, common marks are : 800, 900, 925, 950.

Or on bullion (bars, coins.) 999.

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Q: What is the number for real silver?
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Does real silver have a number?

Yes real silver does have a number and the number is 925 .

What number will be on a REAL silver ring?


How can you tell if a ring online is real sterling silver?

'Sterling' silver is real silver. Any item that is described as 'Sterling' silver will always be real silver as 'Sterling' is actually the name gives to the 925 purity of silver. Sterling is 92.5% purity. This is the standard of real silver as we know it.It will also be hallmarked with the number of fineness at 925, as classified internationally as Sterling Silver.

What is the writing inside of a silver ring to know if it is real or not?

In the US, "real" silver would be marked 925 or higher, like 950 or 999. Any number lower than this is not considered "real" silver in the US.

Is silver plating over sterling silver jewelry real sterling silver?

Hi,silver plating over sterling silver is not real sterling silver.Sterling silver is a unique blend of silver and usually copper. It contains 92.5% silver, that is why the number on sterling silver jewelleries and other stuff is 925.

Does real silver tarnish?

Sterling silver doesn't and real silver does

How can you tell if my 1795 silver dollar is real?

you can tell it's real by the silver. If its real silver it is real. Get it?? I hope that helped you.

Are dollar coins real silver?

Yes, real silver dollars (1794-1935) have real 90% silver in them.

Is the freedom Tower silver coin real silver?

Yes, what little silver is in (or on) the coin is real silver.

Is silver the hedgehog real?

Yes, Silver The Hedgehog is real.

Real silver from fake silver?

Real Silver has the numbers 925 on it, but fake Silver doesn't. And real silver won't fade, but will tarnish and fake will fade and turn into like a copper color.

How can I identify real silver from plated?

If it is real silver a magnet will not stick to it.

What does 925 rj mean on jewelry?

RJ could be the maker's initials. 925 means that the metal fitness is 925 out of 1000. that means that it is real silver, that is the number used for silver, like on tiffany's jewlery it says 925 if it is real silver

Is international silver real silver?

International Silver is, as far as I can tell, a brand owned by the Lifetime Sterling company, and is sterling silver, which is real silver but not pure silver.

Is Mexican silver real silver?

As with any country there is real and then fake. I have been lucky I guess in buying Mexican Silver and it has all been real

Is stamped sheridan taunton silversmith ltd real silver?

It is real silver-plated. Full silver is described as 999 or sterling silver.

Is silver real?

Quite real.

Is silver crystals real silver?

yes it is

Are the olympic silver and bronze medals real?

Yes - they are real gold, silver and bronze. The gold is silver with a coating of gold on it.

How do you know if its plated or real silver?

How shiny it is. real silver blinds you if you look at it directly. that's why the sun is made of silver.

Is 1847 roger bro xs triple real silver or plated?

Real silver

Is 1847 rogers bros IS Flair real silver?

The 1847 Rogers Bros. IS Flair is made from sterling silver. This means that it is actually 100 percent real silver.

What is a specific slogan for silver?

silver- for the real winner!

Can you melt nickels for silver?

no, they aren't real silver

Does 921 mean real silver?

That depends on the country - I believe 925 means silver where this sort of number is used. I believe it means 92.5% pure silver. However in Britain (the home of sterling silver), silver has always been hallmarked by the government to indicate its purity.