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five type generation of computer

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What are the different number of computer generations?

technology changed in major ways between generations

What is computer genration?

computer generations are the complete history of the computers

What do you know about history of computer?

i know about computer is have a 5 generations.

True or false computer generations are best characterized by a dramatic change in computer hardware?

It is true that computer generations are best characterized by great changes in computer hardware. All through the generations, computers became smaller and more powerful in terms of storage capacity and speed.

Features of third generations of computer?

frathers of third generation computer

What are the contributions of each computer generations?

there are fife types of generation of computer

Write list of various Computer generations along with their basic characteristics?

discuss the various computer generations along with key characteristic of computers each eneration

How many generations of computer languages have there been since the middle of the 20th century?

How many generations of computer languages have there been since the middle of the 20th century

What is the six generations of computer?

grace ann gonzaga want's to know about generation of computer?

What are the characteristics and generations of computers?

the five generations of computer are:Vacuum tubesTransistorsIntegrated circuitsMicroprocessorsQuantum

When you get The Sims 3 pets does it have Sims 3 generations stuff on it?

If you have The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack downloaded in your laptop/computer It Will be there, but if you don't have Sims 3 Generations already then you would not get any generations stuff.

What is the meaning of the acronym EDVAC in computer generations?

The meaning or EDVAC is Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer

Which generation does our present computer belongs to?

hard to say. there are so many different definitions of computer generations.

What do you understand by generations of computers?

the computer generations are based on the electronic technology used:vacuum tubetransistorintegrated circuitmicroprocessor

5 difference of 4th generation of computer and 5th generation of computer?

This is hard to answer, because there is no industry standard for what a 'generation' is. It is entirely subjective. You will need to define a 'generation' before a comparison is given. IE, there are 3 generations of AMD Phenom II processor, and over 70 generations of AMD processors. There are five major generations in processor bitrate. There are over 400 generations of individual progressments in major computer technology. There are nearly 50 different generations of individual architecture design.

First generations of computer?

Vacuum tube, roughly from 1940s to 1958.

What are the different generations of computer?

Vacuum tubeTransistorIntegrated CircuitMicroprocessor

You want pictures of all generations of computer?

Images of all generation computers

Explain about the five generations of computer?


How are the generation of computer classified?

by technology through the first 3 generations, after that there is some disagreement.

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