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Q: What is the number of male vs female students at LSU?
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What is the demographics of lsu?

Louisiana State University (LSU) has a student body that is largely made up of students from Louisiana, with a good mix of out-of-state and international students as well. The student population is diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic background, contributing to a vibrant campus community. LSU also has a significant number of undergraduate and graduate students across various fields of study.

How students go to lsu in Louisiana?

Online application.

How many freshman are there at LSU?

There are approximately 23,012 undergraduate students and about 5,631 graduate students enrolled.

Is LSU small?

Louisiana State University has an enrollment of 30,451 students.

How many students are in the LSU Tiger Band every year?

325 students. reference:

What is a good sports college?

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How many students go to LSU college?

Louisiana State University was approximately 30,000 students. ~25,000 of the students are in the undergraduate program and ~5,000 are in postgraduates studies.

What is LSU mission statement?

The LSU Honors College engages a diverse population of high achieving students in a dynamic interaction of outstanding instruction, innovative research and public service.

What is Laron landry's LSU number?


How LSU got the tiger as the logo?

A tiger invaded the school and murdered hundreds of students.......thats how

How do you use itemize in a sentence?

The principal of LSU itemize the records of all the students.

What is the phone number of the Lsu Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge Louisiana?

The phone number of the Lsu Rural Life Museum is: 225-765-2437.