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Q: What is the number of molars in permanent dentition?
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When does the permanent dentition begin?

Permanent dentition begins with the eruption of the first permanent molars.

When does the permanent dentition period begin?

Permanent dentition begins with the eruption of the first permanent molars.

Which teeth are the smallest ones in the permanent dentition?

The canine teeth are the smallest ones in the permanent dentition. The other types of teeth are incisors, premolars and molars.

How long after losing baby front teeth do permanent teeth appear?

The permanent dentition begins at the age of 6 years by eruption of 1st maxillary molars.

Which type of teeth are present in the permanent dentition but not in the primary dentition?

the cuspid

Explain what is dental formula for permanent teeth?

An animal's dentition for permanent teeth can be expressed as a dental formula. It is written as the fraction: I.C.P.M / I.C.P.M. where I stands for incisors, C for canines, P for premolars and M for molars.

How do you find the age of a goat?

If it is not yet an adult by its dentition ie whether it has its permanent incisors yet and the number of permanent incisors it has

What is another name for permanent teeth?

adult teeth/dentition or succedaneous teeth/dentition

How many teeth does a normal adult have?

The normal adult dentition is 32 teeth, including the third molars (wisdom teeth). Some people do not develop third molars, so normal dentition for them would be 28 teeth.

Which teeth are the smallest in the permanent dentition?


How is herbivore dentition adapted to their food?

All herbivores need molars to grind their food (vegetation). Molars are ridged and big for better grinding

What is the clinical considerations of each tooth in the permanent dentition?

Permanent dentition has basically four families of teeth, viz Incisors,Canines,Premolars, and Molars. Incisors- Important for Aesthetics (looks), and Phonetics (speech) and to cut the food. Canines- Most Important as it is very strong because of its long roots. Important for Tearing of food and aesthetics. Premolars- Helps molars to chew food. And plays major role in correction of malaligned teeth (orthodontic treatment). Molars- Major function is to chew food, Mastication. Plays a role of strong anchorage in orthodontic treatment.

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