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...Seven IS a favorite letter in God's alphabet!

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Q: What is the number seven in the Bible?
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What number means faith in the bible?


What is the numeric designated for perfection in the Bible?

The number seven represents perfection in the Bible.

What does the number 2 represent in the bible?

Numbers have symbolic representations in the Bible. The number two is representative of unity. The number seven is the number of perfection.

What books and chapter is the number 7 used in the bible?

There are about 400 passages in the Bible containing the number seven, so you will have to look it up for yourself in a Bible conlll

Where does the term lucky seven come from?

The number seven is considered to be lucky by many people for various reasons that include that in the Bible it was considered a powerful number an mentions seven circuits of Jericho. Other reasons include that seven is the number of attaining the center in Buddhism, the Greek Pan had seven pipes, and there are seven cosmic stages.

What does thirty seven have to do with Christ?

The number 37 has no special meaning with Christ or in the Bible.

What do numbers symbolize in The Bible?

It all depends on the numbers you are asking about. For example, number seven is described as the number of God or better said, the perfect number because many people in the Bible have used it and God has told them to do "this" seven times and "that" will happen. Ask the specific numbers and I'll answer you with the correct answer. or the Book "Numbers" or the number 666?Numbers in the Bible refer to the chapter and verse of a particular book in the Bible.

What does the number seven stand for in the bible?

New beginningAnother Answer:In biblical numerology, the number 7 means completion/perfection.

What does twenty seven mean in the Bible?

The number 27 has no special meaning in the Bible.

Gods number is 777 why 777?

In the first chapter of the Bible, we are introduced to seven churches. In Rev 1:20 we read of seven churches having seven stars (which are seven angels) and seven lampstands which symbolize those churches. It is NOT just because Satan has 666. Both numbers have a meaning. Read the bible to answer your questions.

What does the bible say about the seven deadly sins?

Obviously they are not called deadly for nothing.

Is there mention of seven sisters in the Bible?

yes........READ THE BIBLE