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What is the number that you use to find pi?


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the number is that you use for pi is 3.14 the number is that you use for pi is 3.14


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Pi is the number you have to use to solve many circle equations. If you want to find the area of a circle, use radius squared times pi. For the circumference, use diameter times pi.

To find the diameter of a circle, you use pi to find the radius, because the middle of a circle is pi.

To find a number in Pi, see the link below

Pi is 3.14, a number that represents the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter. It cannot be used to find the height of an elephant.

people use pi to find the circumference of a circle.

Yes it is the number u use to find the area and circumference of a circle

You use pi to find volumes that include circles, as volume = area x depth, and the area of a circle always involves pi

the way to use pi is to find the circuference of a circle

Because pi is an irrational number that has an infinite amount of digits

pi did not use any professions! It was merely a number.

Pi is an irrational number, and is the circumference of the unit circle. It's a neat number to use in all sorts of circumstances.

You use pi ( 3.14)To find the area of a circle you use this calculationpi x r x r.

take the circumference and then divide that number by pi. (3.14) but use the pi button on a calculator, it will give you a better answer. c=d(pi) d= c (pi) if you only know the radius, multiply that by two and you get the diameter. **

The ancient Babylonians used pi as a number approx 4000 years ago.

Nope - Pi is an infinite number. The fractional equivalent is 22/7 which can never be a whole number.

Divide any number by pi (which gives its result in units of pi) or use rad, which converts standard measures into angles of pi.

Well it depends. You could use pi to find the area of a cylinder or use it to find the area of a circle lets say for a new window.

Press your number eg 69 the press pi SIMPLES

Of a circle you multiply the radius by two to find the diameter then you use the formula for circumference which is: diameter times pi pi is usually used as 3.14 because the real number goes of forever (3.14159265358979323...) The person who gave us the value of pi you got that answer off a calculator you DO NOT USE A PI BUTTON ON A CALCULATOR because all calculators have a digit limit and you may get a number that is smaller or larger than that number since Pi is indefinate there is no other way that humans can configure pi without using 3.14 or 22/7 just wanted to say that :)

Volume = 4/3 * pi * radius3'Pi' is just a number. It doesn't 'do' anything, any more than '6' does. The specialthing about 'pi' is that it's the number that keeps popping up wherever circles areinvolved. So if a person is paying attention, it doesn't take him long to realize thathe can use 'pi' to do things, like with angles, and with things that move in circles,and like finding the area of circles and the volume of spheres.It's not the 'pi' that does it. It's the person who knows how to use the number 'pi'.

(pi - 1) and (2 - pi) Sum = (pi - 1 + 2 - pi) = 1

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The circumference of any circle divided by its diameter is the value of pi which is an irrational number.

You need Pi to find the radius or circumference of a circle and there are many more uses!

circumference = pi * 2radius (diameter) so to find radius you use circumference/(2 x pi) this will find radius ----

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