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What is the official size of an NCAA football?


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Balls used in an NCAA-regulated college football game are roughly 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches long. The circumference of the longer side of the ball is approximately 28 inches, and the circumference of the shorter part of the ball is about 21 inches.

The average is approximately 11.5 inches long by 6.7 inches in diameter.

An NCAA football differs from the NFL ball in that it has two 1-inch white stripes that are three to three and one-quarter inches from either end of the ball and located only on the two panels adjacent to the laces.

It can be up to one-half inch shorter but only slightly narrower than NFL balls.


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There is a difference. NFL footballs are larger, longer and heavier. NCAA footballs are smaller, shorters and lighter.

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same size as an ncaa regulation football

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The size of a college football is 11 inches long and a high school football is 9 1/2 inches long.

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Comparison of NCAA and NFL footballThe NCAA footall has white half stripes and some have team logls. The NFL football does not have strpes and has the commissioner's signature.They are both the same size and weight.The football is an oblong sphere and is 11 to 11.5 inches (28 to 29 centimeters) long. It has a lengthwise circumference of about 28.5 inches (72.4 centimeters) and a widthwise circumference of about 21.5 inches (54.6 centimeters) in the middle of the ball.

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