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science is the older subject, because technology is new in now we have technical things like cellphone,computers,and television,ech.

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Q: What is the older science or technology?
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Which the older science or technology?

The technology is older than science

Which is older science or tecnology?

Science is older. Because, Technology is the application of Science

Which is older science or technology give you 3 sentence?

Technology. Science is a disipline, a way of thinking

Which is older science or technology why?

of course science is older.because even in the start,in the days of cavemen,science has already been used. without science,where will technology come from? everything that is a fact is science. there is no technology if there's no science.

Examples why science is older than technology?

Science been around more many many years. back in the b.c's there was Science. Technology started after it.

Are technology is older than science?

Science and Technology are linked, when the first caveman picked up a bone to use as a club science was the method with which he used his logic to create technology (the club). one could argue that science is necessary to invent technology and therefore must have come first.

Which is older is it science or technology?

Technology, in as much as Ancient Man made himself tools, weapons, boats, etc without knowing the science behind those inventions.

Why technology is considered older than science?

i think you mean what,,,,, and...nothing, unless you count human biology before it was classed as that, and if you don't class anything....nothing is older than science

What are some examples of why science is older than technology?

One (the best one) is that science is the foundation upon which technology is based. Technology is a broad topic that covers both tools and techniques used to affect some control over natural phenomenon. By learning what nature is and by formulating the concepts on which natural law is based, we can apply them to create and advance technology. Science made technology possible. There would be no technology without science.

How does science related to technology?

Science relates to technology because science created technology. It was the knowledge and experimentation of science that lead to the creation of technology.

What is technology science?

Science and Technology=Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology).=

How is technology and science linked?

Technology is science